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RANKCIPHER - Rubick Version

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It's very simple, actually.
Boost Your Website Rankings in 3 Simple Steps


RankCipher Is A Backlink Building Software, A.K.A An OFF Page SEO Solution.

What is basically means is that it works out of the page. It gets rankings to your page by building backlinks in a brilliant way and it monitors them, so you're in the right hands already.

However there is something called "On Page SEO".

We're Putting Rankings On STEROIDS Everytime By Doing ON Page SEO.

And what on page seo means is that you make the website changes such as changing links, images, words, headlines etc that the search engine prefer so you rank higher and faster.

Here's the equation:

Basically, More Traffic, ALOT More..From The Same Amount Of Effort.

Let's Do Some Math:

Let's Say You Have A 10,000 Visitor Potential From Rankings.

Using Off Page SEO You Can Tap Into 4,000 only.

Using On Page SEO You can tap into 3,000 only.

Using BOTH Effectively, You Can Tap Into The Full 10,000 People Audience PLUS You Will Reach it Faster.


To do on page SEO effectively you need to do research and recognise what is it about your website or link needs changing.

  • You need to always be up to date and see what changes google makes
  • You need to manually analyze your website for meta tags, links images and other elements to change.
  • You need to manually do these fixes and hope for the best

BOTTOM LINE – You Need A lot Of Time, A lot Of Knowledge & Experience To Get This Done.

This is Actually Way Harder Than Building Backlinks, And Without This… You Will NEVER Reach The Full Potential.

So Yes, RankCipher Will Build You Backlinks Like A Human, But You Have A Chance To Do It FASTER & Get MORE Results!


Rankcipher Rubick Version

Here are the main features:

The Top 50+ On-Page Elements For Increasing Rankings

Most of the people know the importance of strengthening the title tags and meta tags, but correction of problematic areas is usually performed on 10 elements at most. When performing analysis, RankCipher Rubick analyzes your web-pages for more than 50 elements that are important to ranking results.

Check Score and Grading To Know Your Potential & How To Increase It

After analysis, every website is graded with a score out of 100 based upon the number of checks that website has passed or failed. All failed checks are divided into ‘Important Fixes’ or ‘Semi-Important Fixes’.

This scoring and grading system makes it easier for user to get an overview of how good or bad their on-page SEO is.

Summary and Detailed Recommendations To Increase Speed & Nuking Competition

RankCipher Rubick gives summary of issues as well as a detailed view of all the areas checked. Making improvements according to the recommendation provided results in heavy boost in rankings in Google and other search engines.

Few Click Reports That Show EXACTLY What Issues Are & How To Fix Each Issue.

Quickly create fancy reports for your own or clients’ websites saving tons of hours to make detailed reports. All reports come in plain language, with clear definitions and ‘how-to-fix’ instructions for each issue. This makes it extremely easy to outsource fixes for any or all of the issues.

Auto Updater

Search Engine Algorithms are frequently updating. In order to support the changes in ranking factors due to algorithm changes, RankCipher Rubick is being continuously updated with latest ranking factors to keep your websites always up-to-date.

PLUS, It comes with an ON PAGE SEO Special Tuner:

  • Meta Tags Analyzer

    Quickly analyze titles and meta tags on your webpages to see if they are correctly in place, within the limits and not duplicated.

  • Headings Test

    Check if your pages use H1, H2 and H3 heading appropriately within the content to help clarify and support the overall purpose to search engines.

  • Images Analyzer

    Optimize images on your website by analyzing size of all images and replacing missing image tags with relevant alt tag information.

  • Links Analyzer

    Detect broken internal and external links and replace them with working links. Also get anchor text recommendations for better search engine visibility.

  • Mobile Optimization Test

    Analyze your website if it has a mobile-friendly design and get detailed technical optimization recommendations.

  • Page Speed Test

    Find out what is slowing down your website with our page speed test and get step by step instructions to optimize your website

  • Robots.txt Test

    Search engines crawl the website according to instructions of Robots.txt. So our tool checks if robots.txt file is present on your website.

  • Sitemap Test

    Check if sitemap is present on your website. A sitemap is important as it lists all the important pages of the site.

  • Website Health Check

    Several parameters such as DNS configuration, WWW redirect, URL rewrite, SEO-friendly URLs, Flash, Frame and many other parameters are checked.

All These Features Work Together Congruently & Make Sure You Are NOT Doing Any Work While Boosting Your Rankings & Getting You Results FASTER.

You Have Everything You Need For backlinks... but this will unlock your potential, get you more traffic, more rankings & will get you them faster!



Get Rankcipher Rubick Version

RANKCIPHER - Rubick Version

Get Rankcipher Rubick Version +
Developers License (Limited)

RANKCIPHER - Rubick + Developer

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